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Keith, if there was ever a question in my mind, then you have set me on the correct path of resistance. That is an incredibly disgusting story. What a shame.

And, when someone mentioned keeping 'edibles' out of tents, I was going to kid about boy scouts being edibles in tents. Then we had a real life example. Being a former boy scout, I can identify with some of these stories. The biggest gun they allowed us was a .22 rifle.

So, a question - 'red zone' style. You are hiking with friends, and perhaps you're second in line. You're the only one armed (OK, so they're not close friends ). The fellow in the lead rounds a bend, and is immediately set upon by a large bear. He is screaming, and he and the bear are rolling around on the ground in a blur. Now, do what?

My first thought would be to:
1. Tell the others in my party to run the other direction (if that is even necessary).
2. Fire the pistol into the air, and throw rocks at the bear to try to get it off the friend.
3. If the bear does come off the friend, and then attacks me, try to step to one side or the other, so that when I fire my friend is not directly behind the target.

Of course, this is easier to consider now, at my friendly keyboard. Would a bear likely pull off with this kind of abuse? Any experienced / knowledgeable hands have advice? I'm not saying I'd watch a friend become dinner, but it seems insane to try to shoot the bear while they are grappling, and it seems equally insane to get within striking distance of the bear.

We've discussed calibers in the past, but I don't recall specifically addressing 'tactics'.

Regards from AZ
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