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Heres another cut and paste from yet another recent bear attack on a kid.

Anchorage Daily News © Copyright 1985-1999 - Anchorage Daily News. Error! Bookmark not defined. this article
Tuesday, June 22, 1999
Page: B3

The Associated Press

Juneau ---A 14-year-old Hoonah boy attacked by a brown bear over the weekend suffered more than 30 wounds, including a fractured skull.Cody Mills was in stable condition Monday at Alaska Native Medical Center in Anchorage. The boy has too many stitches to count but may be released today, said his mother, Eileen Hunter.The bear attacked the teenager early Saturday evening as he walked on a trail to a friend's house, said Sgt. William Mills of the Hoonah Police Department. The boy told police he tried to defend himself with a pocket knife.
"He's out for revenge. ... You can say that," Hunter said. "He was able to run and get help himself. He said he stabbed (the bear) two times."Cody Mills told his mother that the bear attacked him once, walked away and came back to renew the mauling as another bear looked on from nearby bushes.Sgt. Mills, the boy's cousin, said the bears may have been two young adults or a sow and a cub. Efforts to identify the animals have turned up no suspects, and an all-out search is impractical given the relatively large brown bear population around Hoonah."This is the first time we've had a bear problem this year," Sgt. Mills said, adding that the mauling was the first he had seen in his seven years on the police force.After the attack, the boy was flown to Juneau, where surgeons at Bartlett Regional Hospital operated for three hours before he was taken to Anchorage.

Our young friend has a huge set of gonads eh? This happened in late June and I called the Hoonah PD and got an update. Young Cody was most upset that he'd apparently left his knife sticking in the bear and lost it. We took up a collection at work and bought him a limited edition Case "Kodiak" knife and sent it on to him. They raise them tough down there in Hoonah!

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