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Yep, Dad should'a been armed, BUT...

Sounds like he did okay once the SHTF.

Once again, this underscores that you should be prepared before venturing forth. In this case, the boy needed to be properly instructed with regard to keeping edibles out of his tent in bear country. Back when I was a Boy Sprout, that was HEAVILY stressed.

'Smatter of fact, I went to Philmont Scout Ranch near Cimarron, NM the year after a couple of boys were killed by a rogue bear, and they were obsessed with instructing us to keep any perfumes/colognes out of our kits, all food hung up between trees at night, and likewise trash. When they finally shot the rogue bear the year before, they positively I.D.'d him by the bits of Boy Scout under his nails. (ugh.)

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