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Whoa, I got quite a few PM's on this and read some of them last night. Today I have a few more and am not sure who all I PM'ed back and who I didn't! So if you didn't get a PM back from me, sorry. I much appreciate all the different views and experiances and will take it all to heart as I chew on this!

klw, you mean 16.0 g Titegroup? Thats what I found on a 370g cast. Wow, sorry to hear that. How many rounds did you get off before she blew? I'm not familier with Titegroup, never used it. Where's it fall out in the burn rate scale? Whats it comparable to IOW? And how tight did you crimp it? That's almost a thread of its own, but I appreciate the input.

Anybody ever hear of a superlite 44 Special KB'ing?

I'm thinking of two gr of Bullseye with a mild crimp. I spect I'll have to shoot at least 50 of them to be sure I'm not handing a little one a bomb. I hesitate to think that 2g would detonate though, but I'm no scientist though so keep them comments coming and thanks for all who responded so far!
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