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Something to consider - -

Edward, I hasten to state that I have NO exerience with such loads, other than with wax bullets.

BUT - - You mention: " . . . then point the pistol at the ground to ensure that the charge goes against the bullet (!)"
Everything I've read about very light loads deals with keeping the powder to the BASE of the case, right back against the primer. Remember all that stuff about using Fiberfil, kapok, and even tissue paper, to keep the charge in place? At the very least, I'd be sure to point the barrel UP to orient the charge.

Understand, I'm not saying this is the ONLY way to do it, but I'd be very nervous about putting the primer's fire through a largely vacant case, with a small charge of powder at the f-a-r end. Again, this is only a "feeling" I have - -

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