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I used to teach in a juvenile correctional facility that used pepper spray quite often. The effects on the "children" varied, depending on the idividual involved and their excitement level at the time.

In one incident, the "resident" (we used a lot of politically correct euphamisms in that place) decided to "go off" in my classroom. His beef wasn't with me and he honored my request that he not do it next to my desk and computer. We cleared the room so he could "go off" and not hurt any other residents and staff went in pepper sprayers blazing.

We ultimately had to evacuate the education wing for the rest of the day. The residue on the desks bothered some of my students for several days.

In another situation a student decided it was time to "be a man" by acting like an ass and getting put in the security unit. While he was in there he asked another "resident" who frequented the unit because he "was bad" what he could do to prove he was "bad" too. This is what the other guy told him to do (he was also my student and told me about it later):

Strip naked and yell at staff saying your going to kill yourself. When they come into your cell, they are going to spray you. Take it like a man and come out fighting.
So this kid strips off his clothes and starts yelling, "I'M GONNA KILL MYSELF" at the top of his lungs and sure enough, here came staff with the pepper spray. At the first spray the kid changed his mind. He brought his wrist together over his head and knelt,head down in suplication. Not wanting to waste an opportunity to make an example, staff kept spraying. The spray made a pool of liquid fire in the crease of his spine, trickled down the small of his back and into the crack of his backside. Can you say, "weeping, wailing and gnashing of teeth"?
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