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Rich Jone
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I bought a High Country Split Force XI last year from Cabela's & had to return (2) before settling with the 3rd identical bow. Cabela's returns department was great, however, I am not too fond of the quality of High Country bows.
I returned the first bow because the threads stripped when I tried to screw on the stabilizer onto the riser.
I returned the second bow because I stripped the threads on one of the attach holes in the riser which hold the lower portion of the quiver to the bow.
It appears that the threads in the riser are not tapped completely at the factory along with the fact that the material from which the riser is made of appears to be an extremely low grade of aluminum. I have a (10) year old PSE Mach Flite IV which is just great but weighs a ton. I have never had a problem with it before, but just wanted to upgrade to a faster bow.
Does anyone out there on TFL have/had a similar problem with their High Country bow? Thanks for your input in advance.
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