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I load for all 4 guages, well 3 plus a caliber ((.410)). I use MEC presses for all of them. I know MEC makes conversion dies for their presses but it is such a pain to change them and recalibrate them that I just bought 4 presses.
Lee makes an inexpensive tool but just in 12 and 20 guages. Look around at used MEC presses, you can sometimes find one very cheap.
At one time someone?? used to make a press that you could do metalic and shotgun shells on by changing the dies etc. If I had to guess it might have been Herters (long since out of business). Again, the die changing routine would certainly remove any interest I would have in one if they were made.MEC probably makes the least expensive .410 press available today and I have seen them on line for around $100 +/-. With .410 and 28 guage shells running around $7.00 a box, it wont take long for a press to pay for itself.
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