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In our latest episode:

Rich Lucibella calls me at work, about 1300.
He asks, "Is this triple A?"
"Yeah right,pal," was my witty retort.
R: "No, really, I need some help. We're sort of stuck in the mud."
K: What do you mean?
R: Well me and Harry were trying to cross Big Chino Wash...

At this point in the story I must elucidate. Big Chino Wash is a seasonal river. It is rainy season here. Monsoons. Ark building weather. It is, defacto, a low spot. Rainwater collects there. Mud collects there.
Biblical rains = Biblical mud.

K: Bwahahahahaha! You're kidding, right?
R: No, I am not kidding. So, uh, can you come and pull us out?
K: I just dislocated my right middle finger.
(I really did. Got it caught in the grinder. It hurts.) I will come out once I have heeled up.
R: No, Please! I really need you to come and pull us out.
K: Alright, alright. I'll be there in about an hour. You realize of course that you are some 35 miles from me right now?
I have to get some chain, shovels, and a camera...

I arrived on the scene to see Rich and Harry caked in wet and dry mud. A lovely red Chevy Blazer was buried in the mud up to the door frames beside them.

K: So, did anyone mention to you two that when it rains around here, all of the low spots, particularly the washes, get sort of muddy?
Oh, that's right, I told you that a week ago, Rich.
Oh, hello Harry, how you doing? Long time no see.

I immediately stuck out my hand to shake. Harry has a very manly handshake.
Firm. Strong.
My screams as I realized that he was crushing my recently dislocated finger were distinctly unmanly.

I pulled them out.
They are buying me dinner tonight. I can't wait to see what adventure may come of that.

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