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Sturm, I dont use mag primers for 748 or 760, although I reference Speer manual mostly. I never understood why they use them. Here is my testing for my most accurate, and favorite load. Straight from my PC notebook. Velocity is a bit low, but recovered bullets expanded wonderfully.

This load works in my gun not yours. you could blow yourself and your gun up. ect.

30-30 Winchester

Case Remmington
Primer WLR
Powder 748 33.5 Grains
Bullet Sierra Flat Nose 150 Grain #2000
Over all length 2.535
5/8 turn on crimp die

Be Very Careful To Start Bullet Straight As Not To Mangle Shoulder!

Note: This is a great combo, very accurate, primers and cases looked great after firing. Don’t mess with this load. Rifle sighted in for this load.

Chronograph Results Winchester Mod 94AE

50 Degrees
1. 2011 fps
2. 2040 fps
3. 2028 fps
4. 2030 fps
5. 2028 fps

2028 fps Average
28.83 Extreme Spread
10.44 Standard Deviation
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