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identification of percussion rifles

In a local gun shop I saw two percussion rifles hanging on the wall as decorators. As they were high up I could not get a close look at them. At first I thought they were 1863 Springfields or contract 1863s. The owner knew very little about them as a relative had gotten them in a trade and gave them to him. A customer had told him they were worth about $200. each. The owner felt if that was all they were worth he would just as soon use them as decoration.
All he could tell me was that one of them was marked "CS" and under the "CS" "Richmond Va." and the date 1886. I thought 1886 was a bit late for percussion.
The other was only marked "London Armory" no dates or other markings.

Does anyone have any idea what these may be and apx. worth. I know this is not much info. but it is all I have. Thanks
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