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Rich Lucibella
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Sure, I'll be the butt of your joke!

The issue of "chasing down" the rabbit was as exaggerated as Mr. Dog's compliment about my rifle accomplishments. Fact is, we (I should say "I", since MD couldn't seem to spot one if it bit him on the vitals), had only a glimpse of our quarries before they'd disappear into the brush. This is evidenced by his own kill score with the 12 gauge.

As rabbits tend to run a bit and stop, awaiting the second shot, it became my policy to drop my (errr Kevin's?) CamelBak and move to a spot wherein I might get a shot.

Failing that, it is my follow up policy to charge headlong into the fray shooting anything that moves...and much that doesn't.

However, I swear we'd have taken several of the dangerous beasties, if only Mr. Dog had assented to my repeated requests for air strikes. Some people just don't know how to hunt!

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