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First really good belly laugh I've had in nearly a week.
Geez, Rich, it sorta reminds me of 2 friends who decided to take a couple of girls out boating on the Savanah River. They went to the most popular landing, which is always crowded, and launched their boat. Boat wouldn't start, and upon examination, they found that the battery was dead. Idea:remove battery from truck! Great. Now the boat is running. Uh, how we gonna move the truck off the boat ramp? (with umpteen million people waiting to launch) Shuffle battery back to truck, move truck, shuffle battery back to boat. By this time, the two ladies were, needless to say, completely impressed by "The Two Stooges." These were the same two guys who, when trying to blast out a boat channel in a stream between 2 ponds, were attempting to use a posthole digger to bury their dynamite bundles under running water on a sandy stream bed. Yours truly happens along at this time, and suggests that since they have some creosoted fence posts and a sledgehammer handy, perhaps it would be easier to just drive the post in to the desired depth, pull it out, and then shove the sticks down the hole. You could actually see the lightbulbs popping over their heads. Scary to think that both guys are dentists. Did have fun with the leftover dynamite, though. Taped it to pine trees and then detonated it from about 75 yds out with a Ruger Blackhawk in .41 Mag. Did you know that it actually take 4 sticks taped opposite each other to cut down a 12" tree in this manner? One stick just knocks chunks of bark and a little wood off the tree.

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