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Rich Lucibella
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Miserable coyote loving curmudgeon that you are!

Now tell the the nice people the following:
-Why didn't you have your own CamelBack hydrator on? (Could it be because, when you hefted it from the truck, it was empty and you wound up using mine in the AZ desert sun, me acting a party porter?)
-Why, when all the rabbits were spotted at a distance of <15 feet and a shoot time of <1/2 second did you take the 12 gauge and give me a .22 rifle with those funky sights?
-Why did you refuse to allow me to use Fluffy the Cat as bait?...I know I could have hit her, even with the gear on.

I just knew I should have rented that satellite time for spotting our quarry!

ps: And don't get me started on that quail you missed (twice), that I had to shame you on!

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