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I'm a 23 year old college student, doing the Army weekend warrior thing, ROTC (they pay pretty well actually) and working. Over the last 2 years I've gone from a small collection of hunting guns, to owning 15 weapons (including a Bushmaster Modular Carbine w/Eo-Tech, AK-47, Springfield V12, SiG 220, Glock 32, Beretta 92FS, and a bunch of other cool toys). How did I do it? Don't go to bars on the weekend, don't eat out, watch the small things in your budget and most importantly make your dates pay their own way (or they pay your way. haha! Trust me guys, it works). But now I have a huge collection (my gun safe is getting crowded) and I no longer have to worry about saving up for new guns, and have been spending my "gun money" on other activities (try skydiving, its pretty wild). And best of all when I find a "serious girlfriend" and we merge our finances, I'll never have to listen to nagging about how much money I'm spending on toys. To sum it all up, live poor when your young and get lots of toys, than when you have a somewhat "complete" collection, you can devote your finances to new expensive hobbies, while still enjoying your pervious investment.
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