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Fox spray experiment this wkend...

My friend and I were grilling this weekend and got to talking about pepper sprays. He says they are a waste of time and money. I suggested letting me spray him in the face for a second and have him give a report afterwards. He declined but said that he'd sit in my livingroom and let me spray a tiny amount in the room (not at him), just to see what it's like. I was curious too, so I sat in on it as well. I sprayed the tiniest amount possible - just enough to give the smallest "pffft" sound, in the middle of the room. At first we didn't notice anything, but after a few seconds he was coughing and closing his eyes shut, tightly. It hit me soon afterwards. I couldn't stop coughing and sneezing, and the more I did that, the more I inhaled. We both dashed back out onto the deck and took a couple minutes to stop gagging. Had it been sprayed in the face for even a split second, it would have been impossible - for me at least - to continue with any untoward activity that I may have been up to. If I were hopped up on drugs, it might be different story though - I wouldn't know about that.
We ate our lunch and went back inside the house after about 20 minutes....we both started coughing and sneezing AGAIN. This was with the smallest amount that I could spray out. The stuff is for REAL. :barf:
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