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Rich Lucibella
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Very handsome dog. And a realy interesting mix. I'll bet he's gentle as they come.

This one seems to be owning up to the Catahoula name. At 7 weeks old, we've had exactly one "accident" in the house. He'd never been intorduced to crates, but seems most at home in one, so long as my shirt is in there.

He's also learning commands like "sit" and "touch in" far quicker than I'd expect of a pup his age. Even tempered and quick bonding. I started rudimentary tracking exercises yesterday, getting him to scent for bits of his noon meal in the grass. He caught on to the game right quick.

I'll keep him for about 8 weeks; then back to the breeder where they have a couple of champions, plus hogs and coon to teach him the ropes.
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