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Contender, this doesn't surprise me a great deal. But, I would enjoy hearing that some of the PETA jerks are eventually prosecuted for their threats.

This reminds me of the a***oles who attack abortion doctors. They feel they must murder life in order to save life.

Way too many of the folks in our society are willing to use coercion now. Unfortunately, I think they get some of that by watching the example of our government. Whatever happened to 'live and let live', 'each to his own', 'I may disagree with what you say, but I'll defend to the death your right to say it' and so on? That is the America I respect, that is the country I will defend, and those are the ideals I try to instill in my children. Freedom and liberty sometimes mean you don't particularly care for what the other fellow is doing.

From what I've seen, PETA is made up of part-time, cowardly fascists practicing junk science. If you've never done it, take a look at . These folks are even upset when we drink milk! Now, there's a group with way too much time on their hands.

Obviously, you're right - a limited hunt would have made so much more sense. Of course, some of this foolishness also comes from our current economic bliss - in hard times, even an idiot would not have blown $5K on such a stupid exercise.

Visit AZ - I think you'll like it better. We still have fewer loonies than NY and CA ... at least for the time being.

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