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Here in my town we have a large lake used for recreation. Well, the Canada Geese flock here numbers in the hundreds. The amount of crap on some of the beaches is unbelievable. So, our town contracted with a company to net about 150 of them(at a cost of five thousand dollars) for processing and donation to an upstate food bank for the homeless.(God forbid that they should be hunted.)
Now, a week after the "slaughter" as the newspaper puts it, the park commissioner,town supervisor and one other official are recieving threatening letters form the PETA loonies. The police are involved as some were threats to kill family members and other threats of harm.
It's amazing the idiocy on both sides of this issue that we have come to.Supposedly intelligent people handling a problem that could simply be handled with a controlled hunt closely supervised by a couple of game wardens and a group of nuts making death threats to people over the removal of some nuisance geese. I don't have much hope for our modern day society after watching something like this take place. It's better than a movie.

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