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Oh I have four moulds already for 44. I've been casting a long time.

I'd undoubtably be using cast bullets. It's not about cost either. I just thought it might be nice to have a few uh, gallery type loads I guess you could call them, around for the young nephews. Sometimes they get to go at the last minute or something and it'd be nice to have something to grab for them besides the Bearcat with 22 shorts.

That little Bulldog I have is kid sized but at only 19 ounces and that 2.5" barrel...even light loads from it is too much to slip into a kids hand.Too much bang too close to the face with the short armspan of youngsters.

With a 180g WC and a couple grains of powder (and a target at about 3 feet) the little guy(s) could take home a seriously good looking target just like the big boys with them big fat holes in it. He'd be the king of his friends when they seen that hanging on his wall!

Gallery loads for the children.
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