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I use .357 brass for lead target loads. They group better out of my 586, and I don't have as much buildup in the cylinder to contend with. I'm using 5.0 grains of W321 with a CCI-500 primer for 158 grain lead semi wad cutters. This load is out of the Speer #11 manual, which lists 4.9 - 5.4 grains of 231, and is slow enough to prevent barrel leading. I have gone with 5.4 grains, depending on the bullet manufacturer to get the best accuracy. Felt recoil is only slightly more than .38 special target loads in my 6" 586. I've tried 148 gr. wad cutters, but they don't happen to fly as well out of my revolver.

Winchester's 15th edition reloading manual (available at Winchesters website in PDF format) shows 6.7 grains of 321, but with higher velocities that may cause leading unless your using hard cast bullets.
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