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Ok G56, if I were to get some 45 super brass which is much stronger would it be reasonable to say I could approach super specifications. The cylinder on the revolver appears to support the case up to where the moon clip attaches, unlike in the Kimber where the ramp leaves an unsupported area.

From time to time I’ve seen brass like this at various ranges.
I never want any to eject from my firearms looking like this. That is why I’m seeking info wether someone else tested or proven a hotter recipe. This looks as if the case blew out in that unsupported ramped section of the barrel.

Leftoverdj, I’m not sure where 32 long compares to 45ACP nor 9mm, however I started this pin thing with a 9mm. Dead wood everywhere, not enough snot to move the pin back three feet, the pins need to be off the table in order to count.
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