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So, thats where all of my jerky went...
I had a great time too, and was very impressed with the performance of the Sierra 165 gr. GameKing.
I hit the hog on the left, perfect broadside.
The exit wound was dramatic, measuring about 3.25 inches across. The lungs and heart were completely blown out.
Nevertheless, this beast managed to put some real distance in before dropping. Nearly 250 yards. In all of the hunting I have done, I have NEVER seen a critter hit that bad move that far, that fast.
Truly amazing.

Rich failed to mention that he outshot me with my own .44 mag model 29.
It seems that I can not handle the recoil of the weapon anymore, due to the nerve damage in my wrist. It looks like I will be trading it in on something less abusive. I see no reason to keep a gun that I can not hit with.

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