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45ACP How far to push the envelope?

CAUTION: The following post includes loading data beyond currently published maximums for this cartridge. USE AT YOUR OWN RISK. Neither the writer, The Firing Line, nor the staff of TFL assume any liability for any damage or injury resulting from use of this information.

With the N frame S&W revolver, namely Model 625, how Hot can I safely push the ACP cartridge. With the frame readily able to handle 44mag and 45 colt cartridges can some extra snot safely be had out of the 45ACP?

Right now I’m using what I call my standard Pin Load developed for use in my Kimber.

National Bullet 215gr SWC copper plated bullet. (Recently started binning to reduce velocity variations.)
Federal primers
Winchester Superfield 7.0 gr
Matched case lengths binned from 0.888 to 0.893 incrementally by 0.001 various head stamps.
OAL is 1.185 +/-0.003 due to meplatt variations.

Results stable to 25 yards have not gone beyond that to even see. My
application is 25 feet to take pins off the table, and manageable recoil.
Average velocity is 992 FPS with 5” Kimber. The math crunches to 466 Ft/Lbs and a power factor of 213. Recoil is tame compared to Remington UMC 230 Ball.

Out of the S&W 625
Average velocity is 983
The math crunched to 458Ft/Lbs
Power factor of 211

I was thinking on trying a wee bit hotter in the revolver only. But how far is a wee bit? The frame can stand a whole lot more but what about the cylinder?

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