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So he snuck up on ya eh?

It can mentally relaxing to be able to go into off white at home once in a while. Differing levels of security can make it somewhat feasable. You can't go off watch with no relief though! Having had taken the red pill you should know this. Get a dog or two!

My computer is near the front door. My shep can be down in the basement sleeping and will hear people coming up through the grass where I cannot and alert before they can reach the front door. I love that dog.

Always tell him good boy for barking. Sure half the time its a cat walking by, but thats his job to alert me and the price I pay for being able to shut the world out occassionally. Actually, he has different tones of bark for cats, friends he trusts, friends he don't trust, and strangers. When in doubt, check it out.
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