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What kind of pig hunt is this (spot & stalk, dogs, horseback, muleback)? I would tend to go with the .44 on bullet weight alone. However, pigs are unpredictable and very tough as the following story illustrates. Three weeks ago, a friend of mine was charged by a rather large boar after putting a 250 grain X-bullet in the pig from his .338 Win Mag. at 60 yards. The boar ran off after the shot (behind the left third rib, through the left lung and through the right shoulder), got uphill and charged the downhill hunter. This was a rather brushy area and my friend could not get a shot off (long story omitted). This 300-pound boar was very unhappy and was bent on revenge with his 3-inch tusks (above the gum). Not being able to shoot, my friend used his rifle to redirect the boar's downhill momentum by stuffing his muzzle in the boar’s left ear and moving the boar just enough to avoid the tusks. The boar passed, another shot was fired from the .338 and the boar went down for good about 80 yards downhill. Moral of this story: Use Enough Gun, and sometimes when you do pigs are still incredibly tough!

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