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Rob Pincus
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ooooo-baby... I bought a new "extra-full" Turkey Choke for my trusty old 835 the other day.

I got to pattern it this morning with 3.5" #5 Turkey mags.

I put up two 6" plates and walked about 30 yards away.
Got down into a sitting position and fired twice.

I walked up tot he plates and counted them, 47 and 59 pellets. Not bad... but I was told to expect more. I had stapled the plates up on a my well-used RR tie Backstop so I didn't notice at first that the bulk of my pattern was actually below the plates.

I put up two more plates and tried again, this time covering the targets with the end of the barrel.
JACKPOT! 102 and 136 pellets!

Anyone else going after gobblers this year?
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