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Adverse experiences are part of the learning process as long as you're not injured enough to stop participating or killed.

After 20 years of reloading experience, I fired a Freedom Arms .454 Casull, loaded with a hefty charge of H-110, primed with a small rifle primer in a case that originally held a large pistol primer. FA had sent me bushings to effect the change. I pulled the trigger and heard "ppffft" then stood in wonder as to why the charge did not ignite. I KNEW I did not have a case empty of powder, but, mesmerized, I rotated the cyliner and fired another round. Another "pffttt" made me wonder where the hell the bullets were going. Both rounds were stuck in the barrel. The primers had apparently been damaged enough, trying to seat them into the bushings. They did not ignite the powder but had enough force to send the bullet into the barrel. Had the second round gone off, I would probably not be writing this tonite.

So, as an Italian friend of mine is fond of saying, "**** happens." In the reloading hobby, it'll happen even though you're wide awake. Some days you need to be more awake than others.
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