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My remarriage 9 years back put me in a two-home deal--my home in Terlingua, TX, and my wife's in S.Jawgia. I am regularly out in Terlingua "baching it" during late-March and April, and again in October-November.

I can take one or two guys lion hunting during those times. No fee, no guarantee. It might be camping way back in the boonies, or maybe working out of my house, depending on where's the kitty. It would be a bait-and-watch or varmint-call type of deal.

Now, I'm gonna be off the Net for about a week. No rush on response. I'll log in when I get re-settled...Anyone interested would need travel-time to southwest Texas, and at least three or four days for the hunt.

No more than two guys (ladies ain't excluded) at a time; I'd be happy to do two or three such hunts, Spring & Fall...

We can work out the grimy details later.

Good hunting!
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