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Okay, so I guess I'll answer my own questions while I give you all an update from the Eastern Shore.
I spent the last four days in Cambridge Maryland at the 16th Annual Grand National Waterfowl Hunt. It was a fantastic event put on by some great people.
The guy who had invited me has a program for developing "preserve" populations of waterfowl in the wild and has actualkly amnbaged to change the Federal and state laws involving their harvest.
The basic deal is that the non-profit farms use his method to develop habitats and then register with the state to be able to harvest ducks 90 days a year "without regard to sex or limits. This means that in two days of hunting in the morning only I shot over 20 ducks in about three and half total hunting hours. Over 80% of our ducks were release ducks from the RSA's, but we couldn't tell the difference until after we had the ducks in our hands and checked for bands.
Anyway, it is a great program anyone with some lad, extra money and pencahnt for Duck hunting might Email me for more info. (One blind of three guys shot 54 ducks by 9:00 am the second morning of the hunt.)

The rest of the event was first class all the way. I even particpated in a Tom Boggs led duck excursion the first morning at Wolford Creek (see George Magazine, Dec. issue, page 90).


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