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Nah, I'm not that frustrated or desperate. I'm basically lazy. I bought up several boxes of Hornady ammo and shot them today, so on the bright side I now have 40 fire-formed cases to work with. And it's not like I can call a day of shooting "work". As a matter of fact, it was great fun. The factory loads chronographed consistently around 4060 fps with the 32 gr. pills. And the accuracy is pretty impressive. After just a few ranging shots (this is a brand-new Savage Model 12FV varminter) to zero the scope, I printed a four-shot group that made me smile! I'm gonna like this rifle. Tonight I reloaded some of the brass....used Hodgdon H335 and the 32 gr. bullets. I'm used to reloading for my 30/06, so it's going to take some time to get used to working with much smaller cases and bullets!
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