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Rodger Peterson
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I use 30-30 for truck gun and have taken rabbits, coyotes, and Mule Deer for years with it. I load slightly less than max of 748 and it has never let me down. I believe there is no better powder for 30-30. I have used Sierra, Hornady, and Win bulks, and all perform well. Best is Sierra, can cover groups of 5 with a fifty cent piece at a 150 Yards. Hornady comes real close, at a 100 yds performance is the same as Sierra, but at 150 Hornady seems to open up a wee bit. Win bulks at a 100 yards open up to maybe 3" diameter and never tried more distance on a target. But have used Win bulks on long range on Coyote and he was dead when I got to him. Great cartridge and rifle, will do it's job if you do. These are results from my gun, open sights, and my poor eyesight, but I suspect results from yours will be similar. I have already experimented with bullets, so now I usually order bulk Win bullets for price as they get the job done. If you want to try targets try the Sierra's.
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