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Running With A Strange Gun

This has probably been a thread before. The last match I was in, the last stage had a "dummy" laying with an unknown weapon under a cloth. After running the next to last stage, we had to holster and get the "downed man's" gun to finish the course. Lucky me! I drew an HR break-top 9-shot .22 with about a 20lb trigger.

This got me thinking. When I first got into handguns (early 80's) the most exotic handgun I might run into would be an HK VP70Z, P9, or P7.

Questions: Are we familiar with all the different weapons we might encounter? LE especially needs to know how to unload/make safe any weapon they might encounter. And do we know how to make them fire if we need to use one for self-defense?

I'm not sure I'm familiar with surplus handguns such as CZ52. I'm going to have to study more.
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