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Seems to me that a large part of the BATF problem is the people doing the enforcing, or administrating those in the field.

I doubt that any of us would argue against BATF going after the armed-gang crowd. Their excuse for the raid at Waco was ridiculous. Their behavior in raiding people who have no connection to armed groups or who have any prior history of criminal or violent behavior is unconscionable. Their assumption that those who speak favorably of the Second Amendment are, in some manner, probable criminals, is anathema.

I grant that there are many bad laws passed to enforcement by BATF. Even so, their attitude in performing their duties indicates an agency belief-system that the average American gun-owner is more likely a Bad Guy than a Good Citizen.

I decided to vote Republican in 2000, on the gun issue, in 1996...This is one of the few elections where I am openly and outspokenly a single-issue candidate.

, Art
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