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Eric Blair
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Yes, the laws are the problem.

ATF does interpret them how they will. They also write regulations to enforce the law, in ways that go much farther than the law requires.
The ATF under this administration has a stated goal to limit firearm ownership and firearm usage to the greatest extent that they can within the law.

Re Classifying certain SPAS and Franchi shotguns as destructive devices.
Their definition of sporting usage for importation purposes. (No firearms that can accept a high capacity firearm.
Look how the ATF required the HK SL8 to be bastardized. GREY not the nasty black in color, silly stock, etc.
Points system that prevents the Glock 25 and Glock 28 from being imported.
The current "hi cap" magazine modification debacle. (Permitted if the magazine still fits in the original firearm, and no new material is used, and is of the same caliber.)

Heck, from the front of the ATF Firearms webpage;
"ATF recognizes the role that firearms play in
violent crimes and pursues an integrated
regulatory and enforcement strategy.
Investigative priorities focus on armed violent
offenders and career criminals, narcotics
traffickers, narco-terrorists, violent gangs,
and domestic and intenational arms

Ya gotta love the attitude. Firearms play a role in crime.
Typical attitude of the uninformed. Guns cause crime, not criminals.

ATF should be abolished, and if not, they should be cleaned out of they gun haters that seem to run the joint.

Just my humble opinion.

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