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The going rate for the M16A2 is around the $9000 range. The process works like this. First check with you police chief or sheriff and see if they will sign for you to purchase an automatic weapon. If you get past that find the gun that you would like to buy. You usually pay for the gun at this time. Now you fill out a form 4 along with two photographs, two sets of fingerprints and take this to your Class III dealer along with $200 in funds. The dealer sends it to ATF and if you are lucky you will be approved in around 90 days. The approved form 4 will come back to your dealer and you can then take your new baby home. You also need to check if automatic weapons are legal in your state. The process is the same for the purchase of a suppressor. If you are buying from an individual in your home state you do not need to go through a dealer. Is it worth it? Damn right it's worth it. Several of my machine guns have doubled in value in the last two or three years. How many of your guns have done that?

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