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I know that I can get a class 3 liscense for $200. My questions are:

1. How much does a good suppresor (.45) cost. Are these still being manufactured and available? Or are they like machine guns? (no more after '86)

2. If I get a carbine, chambered in .45, and cut the barrel down so that with the suppresor attached to it is 16' long is that legal? Or would that also be a short barreled rifle and require another tax stamp? What if the suppresor is permanantly pinned on? (like some of these long post ban muzzle breaks).

3. I've been told that this is not doable on a postban semiauto because the ATF would consider it a flash suppresor, even with the class 3, is that true?

If your curious, I was thinking about taking an Enfield and making a modern version of the DeLisle. Not any time soon of course, that would require money. But I'm curious.

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