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In preparing for home defense, I feel you must prepare for war.

When I see people say that a 6 shot revolver will suffice, who is to say a gang of 10 kids isn't storming your house?

To say that I will unload 30rnds into one person is ridiculous, and on the other hand, regardless, I'd rather be tried by 12, than carried by six.

There are 2 mp5s in my safe, and one semi auto clone.

One MP5 is my personal class III, my MP5 (as much as I'd like for it to be my own) that is loaded with Black Talons, is unfortunately, my department's weapon. The clone is well... a clone.

When it comes to basics, I like to leave the basics to office procedures. When it comes to my life, or my family's, I like the advanced stuff.

My decision to fire is based on a threat to another life is based on the threat one poses to me or my family.

Should a drunkard be banging on my house at night, I will be armed, but shooting a dude armed with a hangover is not my agenda.

SWAT does have its advantages at times, (as long as I'm not talking about the pay )
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