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OK Monco,This will be my swan song. You have called me an a---hole and you hate me,and "get over myself" in a public forum. You have alluded that I sent you an inflammatory PM. That PM stated that I thought we were having a spirited debate. Yes I told you that you have not been alive long enough to say that in a public forum. Yes I said ---- you in that private message.

You seem to have a problem keeping your temper. If an exchange of banter sends you over the edge, I hope you never become a POLICE OFFICER. What if some dark rainy night you saw what you thought was a weapon and with your quick to jump attitude. Well. Should you have firearms now with your quick temper.

You got angry over a book written 35 yrs ago by a man who has been dead almost 8 yrs. You felt bad for a man who shot a cop outside a full school yard. Don't bother to respond you little jerk, I'm off this forum. Thanks much to those who helped me out in the past. "Where did the Hood Go"
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