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Edward , Just as a added note . My digital scale reads in .1 grain same as my mechanical scale . The scale reading by .1 is a small enough resoulution for al my shooting needs .
I load for 14 cartridges from the 22 hornet to the 45-70 includeing 3 wildcats for my T/Cs and the one of the keys to accuracy is consitant powder charges , The added accuracy of any extra digits beyond .1 grains is lost on anyone short of top level benchrest shooters who are weighing every charge , It will be of no benifit in a hunting class rifle . I use a RCBS uniflow powder measure and it throws charges almost perfect everytime with ball and small flake powders I get it set and then check charges once in a while .
Also , Before I bought the digital scale I sorted 1000 .223 cases by weight with the old lyman beam scale . Yea it took a few evenings
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