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Veerrry interesting smokin54. Thanks for chimimg in with your professional experiance!

My RCBS 505 is about 20 yrs old and my buddy has been on me hard trying to get me to 'get a real digital scale to replace the old junk' and I keep telling him that I don't trust the digitals and do trust my scale. It's nice to know that my instincts were right.

I pay a lot of attention to my scale, zeroing, checking, rezeroing if I walk away & come back or if the table or scale gets bumped etc. I like to give it a triple check before beginning. Zero, check to exactly 200g with a swaged bullet, then see if she goes back to zero. Then I load.

Thats probably what frustrates my buddy, takes too long for him. He says a digital is faster and more accurate and to a greater degree! I keep asking him how adding extra digits makes it more accurate...

I'm going to print out your post and show it to him, but I suspect that he'll be smarter than you! and dismiss it without a thought.
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