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The drilling to remove material is common on many items to balance a wheel or whatever. I think they drilled it too far (removed too much weight) and corrected it with this tiny bit of lead, and then started over with a new hole. The looks of this casting, it does not look terribly perfect and and I think each and every one has to be calibrated. This piece that fell out is not perfect. I can see a spot that is almost microscopic in detail that showes that it indeed fell from the hole. The lead piece did not completly fill up the hole. When I talked to Lyman and they didn't really tell me I was correct on my theory, but they did say they individually calibrate them. I really thought they would recalibrate it free other than s&h due to it being somewhat defective. This scale looks like brand new. Well, I guess I thought wrong didn't I? If it was blue and said Dillon, maybe it would be free.

I tried weighing bullets but found them to vary too much to make a percise calibration. I like the coin idea, but was thinking they too may not be uniform in weight unless they are maybe collector mint uncirculated from a pollished cast etc. etc. etc. I will have to give it a try and see how they run.

If nothing else, it gives me something to complain about! I have been holding out for a good sale on an electric unit. The reviews I have read sound like I will never regret spending the extra cash. However, I think they are only as accurate to the same degree as the beams. I read where some brands need to be recalibrated several times while using it.

Has anyone any comments on electric scales?

tjhands, I have also read where you have to be careful around styrofoam (ammo molds) and some types of plastics that may be near your scales on your bench. The static elcet. can cause error. I always think of this when I pour gun powder from a plastic bottle........but I guess a spark is not enough to ignite it.....or is it????

When I used my scales years ago, I was very happy with them and I think RCBS has (or had) a model exactly the same as mine, but with green paint. I have noticed that some models have metal to metal and some plastic to metal on the sharp folcrum area. Is yours a plastic type material in the "V" notch?
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