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Ever heard of IM arms? I think we can file this under "Bad Ideas."
The company manufactures over and under (yes thats right) Sub-machine guns.
I quote from the webpage:
"The new submachine gun, with dual barrels over and under, is designed for special combat operations in military and law enforcement agencies. The unique construction utilizes two barrels fed from two separate magazines; one which is located in the pistol grip and the other in a forward grip, spaced from each other to give the gun better balance and control. Firing is from the closed bolt function. The weapon has a selector for safety, semi-auto or full-auto.
Another uniqueness of this gun from other in its class is the top barrel is longer and suitable for long range shooting, under barrel is short and is better for shorter range. Both barrels work in timing sequence on full or semiautomatic. This gun will have an important role in the future because it has more advantages than a regular gun and greater efficency in fire power. With this gun you will never miss the target. The gun has a selector for one or duble-barrel action. A great innovation to this gun is the special sights which allow for more visibility and lock on the target.
The high tech I.M. submachine gun was invented by Ion Mihaita from Cleveland Ohio"

..Im somehow not instilled with confidence in the product. :-)
The webpage is here:
Check it out, and post your comments here.

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