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I travel all the time for work. Though I never carry my piece with me, I have a friend who does.

He has a neat little lockbox he bought for the gun that has a cable attached to it. The TSA finds it sufficient to transport in checked luggage, and he uses it to lock it in his rental car or hotel room when he has to leave it (coils the cable around something solid on the bed and leaves it underneath where the maid won't notice it). If you don't mind not having your room cleaned everyday, you can also request "no maid service."

I wouldn't plan on handing a firearm to a hotel clerk. If you're coming in late, even at a decent business man's hotel, there's often just the 24 year old skittish clerk who would probably freak.

The only thing I really do when I travel is stay highly aware of my surroundings -- but anyone with a brain should do that. Since expenses aren't a concern with me, I generally go to nice restaurants and places I know tend to be in the "higher class" part of town.

If you go to a Chilis, TGIF, etc. they tend to be pretty suburban and OK. If you pull up to "Buddy's Barbeque" with 3 lights burned out on the sign and a guy in a stained wife beater T-shirt leaning against the door holding a 2x4 with a nail through the end ... probably not what you want.

Congrats on the new job! If you're single, you'll love the traveling life; always something special, opportunities to have multiple GF's in different cities -- just don't be shy.

If you're married and a family man like me sometimes it REALLY SUCKS.
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