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I'm an RO at a local public range run by the city Parks Department. My primary function is safety. Have had to ask one bozo in 3 years to leave for gross safety violations. We spell it out pretty clearly when folks sign in. Most all of our customers like the way we do things. We use a whistle to call cold or hot, and have a set "script" of commands.

Now, some of the public ranges run by the state DNR are downright scary. Yeah, they have an "RO" on duty, but it is more of a clerical function. The one I visited just checked for permits, asked what I was shooting and went over safety. He didn't supervise the line at all. Going downrange is by mutual agreement with whomever else is shooting. Just hope like mad no one else comes up to the line and "doesn't see" you down there and open fire.... It HAS happened (not to me) but not in a long while.

I also belong to a private club where everyone is the RO. A pain sometimes, but it works. Again, everyone agrees to call the line cold or hot, shows empty hands, etc.
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