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The best book I've read on the AK is Dr. Edward Clinton Ezell's The AK-47 Story. Dr. Ezell (deceased) starts with a history of the Russian small arms industry and brings us up to the development of the AK-47. He continues with the evolution of the AK into the AK-74 and finally, with variants (other nations). It is not an operator's manual (you can find the basics in W.H.B. Smith's Small Arms of the World, also out of print). While both books are out of print, you can find them via booksearch (try ) or some other search engine.

I've seen John Walther's Kalashnikov Machine Pistols, Assault Rifles and Machine-Guns, 1945 to the Present and while it is OK, it is not a scholary work of the same caliber of Ezell. I would prefer it however over Duncan Long's AK47, The Complete Kalashnikov Family of Assault Rifle. Long tends to gather general information, bits from catalogs or ads, and puts them into a book. Finally, there is an English translation of the Soviet AK-47 manual, but I can't recall the name of the major who translated it.

Last, to answer your question as to identifying it as a Norinco (North China Industries, Inc.), look for the markings on the receiver. It'll say so.
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