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I'm confused, what do you mean by SA AK47? Do you mean a semi-auto AK47 clone? If so, you might try posting that question on the rifle board, rather than the full-auto board.

If that is your question, I think the best AK clone is the Valmet. But they're very expensive.

The Yugoslav, Hungarian, and Rumanian versions are good. I'm not a fan of the Chinese or Egyptian versions.

The Daewoo and the Galil are actually based somewhat on the AK47 design as well. Also quite expensive.

As to transporting it, don't you have a rifle case? There's hundreds of different vendors and variations out there. Hard case, soft case, etc. Any decent gun store will have rifle cases.

Realize what you're getting, though. On most AKs, accuracy is so-so, the sights suck, and the trigger isn't great either. They are simple, reliable, and rugged. High-cap mags are still widely available and cheap. But for plinking (let alone competition), I prefer my AR15.

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