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Well folks I have shot more than my share of full auto. All have been fun to shoot, some have been just plain exciting. The GAU GE mini gun, was the most, shall I say PLEASURE took me awhile to settle down after that one. It is something to put 1800 rounds of tracer down range after dark, looks like molten metal flying through the air.
Well, you said one gun though, that would have to be the M14E2. That is one firearm that has earned its place in the heart of anyone who ever used it. It shoots well and accurate out to several hundred yards and can fire burst fire as needed. It takes a very well trained individual to fire it in sustained fire though.
By the way for those of you who are interested, I am told that there will be an M60 tank at the Knob Creek shoot this October. The private owner has a couple of real rounds to fire from the main tube as well as live small arms on board. I am looking forward to this show as I love armor, the bigger the better. BTW one of the rounds is a HEAT round I am told. I am bringing my video as well as my still cameras, and hope to see some of you there.
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