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I work for a large technical consulting firm and fly out of the SE U.S. several times a year to over half a dozen different locations. Most of my trips are 3 days or less. This makes it impractical to have weapons staged at my destination and if I bought them there they would be one-time use items if I did not check my bags. I always check my bags. I always have a defensive folder and fixed blade that I'm familiar with in my shaving kit in my check bag. I always carry a cane. I train in the use of each. When allowed I put a handgun in a FAA/Airline compliant lockable case in my check bag.

I use several trouble avoidance techniques. I try to get on the ground while the sun is up if I will not be using a hotel shuttle (I almost never have the opportunity to do this) so that I can drive the rental car to the hotel and then to my work destination during daylight. I avoid any areas that are not hum-drum and boring while on travel unless I am in a group. I do not drink alcohol unless the bar is in the hotel or within a block of the hotel or unless I am in a group and I do not have to drive or I'm willing to take a cab. Since I'm there for work I usually don't have time to do anything except get to the site and get back to the hotel.
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