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Black Powder Shotgun slug winchester 1893 Question!

I started this thread in skunkworks reloading forum but I guess this is a more appropriate place to put the question:

My question.

I have a winchester 1893. 12g - 2 5/8 chamber - blackpowder pump shotgun-no choke

I want to shoot, an all brass cartridge, blackpowder with a slug. For nearby accuracy 20-50 yards. I want to shoot without plastic wads.

First: Which SLUG (which mould) should I use????

-LEE (with hollow base)
-Lyman sabbot
-Lyman forrester
-other ????? (terminator?? rapine (very expensive))

Second: What is the best practice in Filling&reloading an all brass cartridge.
What wads ? and do these slugs fit in an all-brass shell without plastic wads?

Third: Does anyone have experience with this and with different loads???

Greetings Harry V. (willard-Slug)
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